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August 8, 2013
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Possible titles: “Dusk at Dawn”, “Dawn in the midnight sky”
An autumn crisp filled the air and cherry blossom petals fluttered by on the lazy breeze.  What a tedious task… A man grunted before stalking off towards a large, bright building. His dress shoes clapped along the cobblestone.  As he approached the building his pace began to slow; suddenly he reached the large, oak doors and stopped. The door depicted a scene of essence and purity.  A mother doe and her newborn calf were displayed in the carvings, surrounded by squirrels and chipmunks, a family of mice stood in front of the calf, all were watching the two in awe. The outer edges of the door were lined with flowers and trees. Wow, what elegance, The man thought, it’s unbecoming of such heathens. He looked the building up and down one last time before heaving the door open. The Man took a deep breath then continued on his journey.  

Stepping inside his shoes clapped onto the chilled, marble floor; echoing on endlessly. The ceilings towered above, seeming as if they reached the heavens.  Why is everything so big? What is this, a school for giants…? He continued down the enormous hallway until he stood outside of a “tiny” door. The door felt out of place with its surroundings. A rectangular, bland door stood before him. It was roughly about six feet in height and three feet in width.  The door eased open and a pleasantly plump man came waddling out.
“Ah, you must be James Conrad!” A wide smile smeared across his face. “I have heard so much about you; it is truly an honor to have a student of your ability here!” He reached for James’ hand only to have him jerk his arm away. The stout man looked up at James for a moment, perplexed and somewhat offended.

“Ah… Sorry, I a… I don’t like physical contact with others…” He averted making eye contact with the man.

“Oh, I get it!” a booming voice sounded.

“Ah, no it isn’t-“James started off, feeling flustered.

“You’re a Germaphobe, aren’t you? When I spoke to your father, he warned me you had some peculiar traits.” A jolly laughter bounced through the air. A deep flush filled his face and he held onto his round center as it jiggled with each laugh.

“Ah… Yeah, I am… Sorry.” A sigh of relief escaped his lips and he watched the dwarf jiggle and dance with each hearty laugh. What a disgusting slob… A thought swayed through his mind as he stared down. As if I would let him touch me with his grimy hands, just looking at him makes me want to hurl.

“Well then follow me; we have many things to discuss.” The dwarf gestured towards the door with an outstretched hand. James followed the man through the door, lowering his head so his tall, slender frame could fit through.
a story I'm starting to write. please let me know if you like it or give criticism. thanks!
Mmm sounds fantastic!!
Ahh as for criticism, I don't have much ;3;
KenamariUchiha Aug 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
haha well thank you!
Hehe no problem!!
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